Social Media Policy

Information officially disseminated on social media by, Inc. (hereafter “the Company”) as a corporation, will be carried out through our official account ID by persons recognized by the Company in accordance with our social media policy.

Communication by the Company on social media will basically be conducted in accordance with the following basic policy.

Basic Policy

  • We will work to ensure communication respectful of the various positions of everyone involved with our company such as our customers, business partners and employees (hereafter “related parties”).
  • We will protect the personal information of related parties and will not share personal information or identifying information of related parties without their consent.
  • We will not make confidential information of related parties public without their consent.
  • We will respect intellectual property rights, etc., such as copyrights.
  • We will take care not to violate any laws or regulations related to written content.

To all our customers, business partners and users

Information disseminated via the official account or on social media of employees of the Company does not necessarily indicate an official announcement from the Company or represent the official opinion of the Company. Official announcements and views will be disseminated via the official website of the Company and in news releases, etc.

Please be aware in advance that forms of dialogue (whether replies are possible/response time/method) may vary depending on the account.

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Contact information for complaints and consultations

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