Security Policy, Inc. (hereafter “the Company”), in order to achieve our business mission, has established a basic policy for information security with the goals of properly handling information assets held for work-related reasons and protecting that information appropriately., Inc. strictly adheres to this information security policy, and works to maintain a system of advanced information security management.

1. Scope of application

This basic policy applies to all information assets held for work-related reasons as well as to all individuals who use them (herein “information users”).

2. Strict adherence to laws, legal regulations and company regulations

In order to protect all information assets held by the Company, the Company will strictly adhere to laws and legal regulations related to information security as well as to company regulations.

3. Construction of our system for managing information security security

In order to protect and properly manage all information assets held by the Company, the Company has assigned persons responsible for information security and a department for managing information security. The Company will maintain a system that can assess the current state of information security management, handle any security measures necessary in accordance with risk analysis, and continuously improve information security.

4. Establishing and enhancing our monitoring system

The Company will maintain a system that can implement self-checks and monitor the state of adherence of information security policy as well as rules and regulations, etc.

5. Implementation of information security measures

To prevent information assets from being fraudulently accessed, leaked, tampered with, lost, destroyed or having their use interrupted, etc., the Company will maintain an appropriate information security organizational structure and implement physical measures, technological measures, operational measures, management/human measures and incident prevention measures.
Furthermore, if an incident occurs wherein information security has been violated, the Company will quickly restore security and resolve the issue.

6. Implementation of Information Security Training

In order to maintain and improve our standards of information security, the Company will work to continuously carry out necessary trainings, and improve information users’ understanding of the related laws and regulations.

7. Protecting personal information

Because personal information is crucially important information and protecting it is a vital social responsibility, we have established a separate privacy policy intended to protect it apart from this security policy.

Taichiro Motoe
Representative Director and President, Inc.

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  • Effective December 9, 2016