Handling of Personal Information

1. Purposes of use for personal information

The Company will use the customer’s personal information, for the following purposes.

1. Personal information related to the customer

  1. Providing services the customer registers to or applies for
  2. Information confirmation required for providing services or sending products to the customer, etc.
  3. Surveys, data collection and research development for services
  4. Sending information about products and services, etc., that the Company recommends
  5. Handling inquiries and concerns
  6. Execution of contracts
  7. Customer meetings (including pre-sales and post-sales meetings)
  8. Other purposes associated with those listed from A to G above

2. Personal information related to corporate business partners or executives and employees, etc., of other companies

  1. Various communications and negotiations, etc., required for business
  2. Business partner information management, payment and revenue processing
  3. Other purposes associated with those listed from A to B above

3. Personal information subcontracted from business partners

  1. Executing contracts related to subcontracted business
  2. Other purposes associated with A

4. Personal information related to job applicants and company retirees

  1. Contacting job applicants and providing them with recruitment information (including internships, etc.)
  2. Managing recruitment work at the Company
  3. Contacting retirees and providing them with information, etc.
  4. Other purposes associated with those listed from A to C above

5. Personal information related to professionals

  1. For providing and introducing services as well as for sending questionnaires, etc.
  2. Surveys, data collection and research development for services
  3. Sending information about products and services, etc., that the Company recommends
  4. For introducing professionals to customers using the services of the Company
  5. To construct databases of data available for inspection by third parties, etc., for the above purposes
  6. Handling inquiries and consultations
  7. Purposes other than those listed above that are included in the privacy policies of websites operated by the Company
  8. Other purposes associated with those listed from A to G above

2. Regarding personal information provided to third parties

1. Cases where information is provided to third parties

The Company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties except for the following situations.

  1. When the customer has given their consent
  2. When required to do so by law
  3. When it is necessary to do so to protect life or assets and it is difficult to obtain customer consent
  4. When personal information has been outsourced to be handled by an outside company based on an outsourcing business contract. In this case, along with selecting outsourcing companies which meet the standards set by the Company, the Company will appropriately monitor the contract concluded in relation to the handling of personal information and the secure maintenance of private information at the outsourcing company.
  5. When business succession occurs due to a merger, company division, transfer of business or other reason
  6. When carrying out procedures set forth in Article 27, Paragraph 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
  7. For shared use with the third party

2.When providing information based on 6 above

  1. Any personal information data items provided to third parties as well as the steps and methods used when providing it to third parties will be disclosed individually.
  2. When the Company receives a request from the individual to stop providing their personal information to third parties, we will immediately stop providing the relevant information to third parties.

3. Procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.

The procedure for requesting disclosure of personal information data held by the Company (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, revision, suspension of use, etc.) is as described below.

1. Those who may request disclosure, etc.

  1. The individual
  2. The individual’s legally appointed deputy if the individual is a minor or an adult ward
  3. A deputy whom the customer has designated as a proxy to carry out procedures regarding requesting disclosure, etc.

2. Documents necessary when requesting disclosure, etc.

  1. A.When procedures are carried out by the individual
    • The Company’s set disclosure application form (stamped with the customer’s registered seal)
    • Identity verification documents (legal ID, etc.)
    • Seal registration certificate (inkan toroku shomeisho)
  2. B. When procedures are carried out by a deputy
    • The Company's set disclosure application form
    • Identity verification documents (for both the customer and the deputy)
    • The Company's set letter of proxy

3.Where to apply for disclosure, etc.

Bengo4.com, Inc. Personal Information Protection Inquiry Service Desk
Phone: +81-3-5549-2555
Fax: +81-3-5549-2565
Email Address: customer-support@bengo4.com

4.Fee for disclosure, etc.

When requesting disclosure of personal information or notification of purpose of use, the customer will be charged a 1,000 yen fee (tax included) for each request. Please enclose stamps or a postal money order covering this 1,000 yen fee.

5.How and when we will respond to disclosure, etc.

When we are able to confirm the personal information of the individual, we will respond to the individual in writing within a reasonable time. If it is not possible for us to provide an answer, we will notify you of the reason why.

Contact information for complaints and consultations

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