Envisioning a society where anyone can access the expertise of professionals

What impression do you have of professionals like lawyers and tax accountants? Experts who deliver impassioned speeches in the courtroom. Professionals you’ll never meet unless you find yourself in legal trouble. Japan lacks a deeply rooted tradition of ordinary people easily making use of the value provided by professionals, and so I think that many people still feel hesitant to contact them. Therefore when people actually encounter legal trouble, it may be common for them to fall into situations where there are no experts around them who they can ask for advice or that their issue has become more serious.

We want to overturn this kind of thinking and create a society where anyone can freely access the knowledge of professionals for a stress-free and comfortable life. With, an open legal consultation platform, we offer peace of mind through swift problem resolution and prevention. We think it’s also better for professionals if their knowledge is called upon before the issue has grown larger and more complex. The knowledge of lawyers and tax accountants is the knowledge for living a better life. That’s why we want you to feel closer to the professionals.

Our company provides a platform to connect you with professionals. More than a few of our employees actually chose to join our company after being helped by a lawyer’s advice or meeting a good tax accountant, etc. And so of course, the corporate mission of “Helping Professionals to be Closer” truly resonates with us, and we are actively striving to make this a reality for everyone.

Pioneers of digital transformation in the field of professionals

Drastic changes through digital transformations are taking place in every industry as the “new normal” era arrives. We believe that we can generate even more significant innovations by linking specialized fields of expertise with technology.

One of those innovations is CloudSign. Although paper and hanko stamps have long been standard for contracts in Japan, we launched CloudSign in 2015 as the first cloud-based e-signature service in the industry. Bringing lawyers and technology specialists together, we believe that, Inc. offers a unique model of business creation that will become a modern standard as diverse working styles are now gaining traction. And along with our customers, we are also taking on the challenge of creating contracts in this “new style of contracts” involving “CloudSigning” contract agreements.

Achieving a new and improved society together with you

We envision a future where professionals’ knowledge is easily accessible throughout society, offering freedom from legal trouble or concerns. And, drawing on technology, we will provide new values and solutions for the issues facing society. In these ways, we will continue to be a leading company on the forefront of innovation in order to support all kinds of professionals and business innovations to achieve an enriched society., Inc. Chairman and Co-representative Director Taichiro Motoe

Representative Director and President Taichiro Motoe